Update 4

Replaced the Alice in Misanthrope teaser with the finished video.

Deleted some false information on the Digital Dream page.

Added a background for the Alice in Misanthrope page.

Added a background for the Digital Dream page.

Added a Bandcamp box to the footer.

There's a known visual bug on the Digital Dream page where the image text doesn't fit for mobile users. Unfortunately, this bug will have to remain unfixed. Sorry! =,(
Added Update 4.

Update 4.1

Fixed the Premiere Pro picture on the Commissions page to better reflect the changed prices.
Added Update 4.1

Update 4.2

Updated the About Me page.

Added a Contact page and form.

Moved some of the buttons around on the Home page.

Removed two Interactive Bullet Hell pages and buttons.

Fixed transition timings on some of the buttons.

Fixed multiple issues with the mobile version, including the social bar appearing off-centered, and buttons appearing in the wrong place.
Added Update 4.2

Update 4.3

Replaced the Discord invite link with a new invite.
This was done because I found a security flaw on a website that steals Discord usr information. A purge was also done as well.

Added Update 4.3

Update 4.4

Removed the Wizdomiot Bullet Hell Page. The exact reason can be found in this Twitter thread.
Added Update 4.4