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About Me

Tristan is a hard-working individual who has set his sights on improving his skills with every project.


Whether it's by improving on animation skills, motion graphics work, or creating new music for others to enjoy, Tristan is determined to keep raising the bar on what a "high-quality production" means.

Currently, Tristan is studying for a degree in Film and Video Production for an opportunity to work with other creators on their projects.

Programs I use:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - 5 Years of Experience

Adobe Photoshop CC - 4 Years of Experience

Adobe After Effects CC - 3 Years of Experience

Adobe Audition CC - 4 Years of Experience

Blender - 3 Years Of Experience

Cinema4D - About 1 Year Of Experience

beepbox/jummbox - About 3 Years of Experience

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) - 3 Years of Experience

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