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Tristan Gaylord's second music collection, the first to be purely (well, mostly) chiptune. Includes 4 tracks, and a chiptune mix of Singularity.

Album Cover Artist: Tristan Gaylord
Music Creation: Tristan Gaylord
Audio Mixing: Tristan Gaylord
Programs Used:, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, Blender, Adobe After Effects.
Special Thanks to: My dog.
Important Info: It's just WAV files.
Recommended Sound Card: Sure!
Recommended Processor: Windows 9
Recommended Graphics Card: Nvidia 9002. What, you didn't hear about the new update to that graphic card? Now it shoots out light rays that change color to the beat of the music. Amazing as to what technology can do these days...
Recommended Monitor: Maybe?
Total File Size: Who knows?!?
Other Important Info: It's literally just WAV files.

From The Moon To The Earth & Back

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