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Update 5

Hi, everyone. This site hasn't been updated in a while, and I'm very sorry about that. I've also been neglecting it, because I was fed up with the watermarks at the top of the page. We may be switching to WordPress soon, but it's not set in stone yet. Here are the list of changes present in Update 5.

Added different sections in the Update List based on what gets changed.


Added the new logo to the Home Page.
Changed the color of the lines on the Home Page.

Added a background to most pages. This background is locked in place.
Added a new page for From the Moon to the Earth and Back, a new 4 song EP I released recently.
Added Update 5.
Update 5

Update 5.1


Adjusted some of the questions on the FAQ.
There was one VEEEEERY specific easter egg on that page that broke with the new background update. Thankfully, I patched it, and no one noticed it...yet.
Added Update 5.1

EDIT: Unprofessional UPDATE 5.1.1: Fixed an issue where the "From the Moon to the Earth and Back" Button was not centered on the Home Page for mobile users. Lesson learned: Never publish an update at 9:30 at night.

EDIT: Unprofessional UPDATE 5.1.2: Fixed the typo in "learned". Second lesson learned: Don't publish updates without reading your edits... man, I'm not on my game tonight.
Update 5.1

Update 5.2

Works PAGE

Thanks to the fans of what I can only describe as an "energetic chicken", I finally stopped being lazy and added a playlist for the "Music Remixes" I create.

Commissions PAGE
Improved to readability on the Commissions text at the top.

Update PAGE
Changed the Unprofessional Update numbers from 5.11 and 5.12 to 5.1.1 and 5.2.2, respectively.
Added Update 5.2
Update 5.2

Update 5.3

Copyright PAGE

Added a section about a new YouTube feature called Clips towards the end of my Copyright Policy.
Added Update 5.3

UPDATE 5.3.1: Updated each page's URL for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
Update 5.3

Update 5.4

This update is more of a hotfix to some bugs, and just reducing visual clutter.

Updated the FAQ page with the following changes.
- No longer displays where I live. (Apparently some YouTube comments managed to release personal information about me without my permission. These commenters have since been dealt with.)
The Easter Egg is now better hidden. (That stupid bug was back, and I had to squash it again.)
- Updated the question concerning the Interactive Bullet Hell series. (I stopped doing them because I have to focus on work and college, meaning most of my free time is directed towards other projects in the meantime. I also couldn't find good songs to make an IBH out of ;-; )
- Disabled the Submit A Question button. (Temporary change, as this was used by trolls to send me inappropriate messages. Will turn on at a later date.)

Privated the Commissions Page.
My reasoning behind this is that I haven't gotten a single Commission from the time that I posted it, and with my busier schedule with work, college, and personal projects, I wouldn't have time to work on Commissions. I may open these back up in the future, but with a price change as well, since I think I was not charging enough.
Added a whole bunch of hidden pages for private use only.
Re-adjusted the Home Screen layout to accommodate for the lack of the Commissions button.

Slightly updated the Copyright Policy to settle a question of whether or not you can create clips of my work. (tl;dr: no.)

Added Update 5.4
Update 5.4

Update 5.5

This update is more of a hotfix to some bugs, and just reducing visual clutter.

Updated the Copyright Page to make things more clear and concise.
Fixed a spacing issue in the Update 4 page for desktop users.
Added Update 5.5
Update 5.5
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