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"A discordant and cacophonic melody, filled with the harsh noise of reality. Yet somehow, there is also harmony in this chaos."


This song was created for the Beepbox Discord Server's monthly event for June. The challenge was to create a song that resembled a song breaking down, such as CD skips, broken records, or crashing software (COUGH ADOBE COUGH). With this in mind, we wanted to create a song that feels dissonant and with a lack of control, but we also wanted to use these contrasting sounds to create something beautiful.


The music video for this song can be found here:


Album 3D Composition, 3D Rendering, Character Posing, and Overall Song Direction: Yakumo Ran (@YetAnotherRan on Twitter)

Album 2D Composition, Cover Art Design, Character Design, and Quality Control: Ahri (@ahri_ow on Twitter)

Music Creation: Tristan Gaylord (@Tristan_Editor on Twitter)

Programs Used:, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Blender, VRoid Studio, LGHub.

Special Thanks to: My dog.

Important Info: It's just WAV files.

Recommended Sound Card: Sure!

Recommended Processor: Windows 9

Recommended Graphics Card: Nvidia GFC6. Be careful when using this graphics card, though. It's been known to break computers sometimes, to the point where your computer will disappear if you aren't looking...

Recommended Monitor: Maybe?

Total File Size: Who knows?!?

Other Important Info: It's literally just WAV files.

Shattered Sky

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