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Tristan Gaylord's first 10-track album. Includes 10 tracks, and the MIDI file for the Piano version.

Everything: Tristan Gaylord
Album Art: Tristan Gaylord
Actor: Tristan Gaylord
Photographer: Tristan Gaylord
Music Creation: Tristan Gaylord
Audio Mixing: Tristan Gaylord
Programs Used:,, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
Special Thanks to: My dog.
Important Info: It's just WAV files.
Recommended Sound Card: Sure!
Recommended Processor: Windows 9
Recommended Graphics Card: Nvidia 9001. You know, the one that shoots out real-life holograms. Yeah, we're using that so you can see the audio waveforms.
Recommended Monitor: Maybe?
Total File Size: Who knows?!?
Other Important Info: It's literally just WAV files.

Digital Dream

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